A downloadable game for Windows and Android

The game : 

IIM Game Jam #3! 

Time's Racer is a mobile runner in which you are able to control the time in order to slow/accelerate the obstacles. Easy, is in it? Sorry but not! The game contains 3 levels the one more dificult than the other! We challenge you to complete the last one, and of course Enjoy it!

Team :

Arthur Favre - Game designer / Developer

Benjamin Baptista - Game designer / Graphic artist

Élias Bennour -  Game Designer / Developer

Gaëtan Krol - Game designer / Level designer

Pierrick Chevron - Game designer / Developer / Project lead

About :

Time's Racer was made for the #3 IIM Game Jam where the theme that we had was "A one button game on a mobile plateforme".  The event was a 5 days long. 

We are a group of students based in Paris, France where we are studying a Master of Game Design and Programming.

Install instructions

For the .apk, you must have an Android smartphone to play the game.


Time's Racer.apk 29 MB
Time's Racer.rar 16 MB


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