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After a war between humans and aliens, the planet Earth finds itself in ruins due to the aftermath. In order to eliminate the remaining invaders, the humans have developed Ragab, a self-sufficient robot that can accomplish this mission. Alone.

Inspired by great classic games such as Metal Slug, Gunstar Heroes and Contra, Ragab is a run'n'gun type of game that includes mechanics of beat 'em up. The player can pick up different weapons and use his fist to obliterate shielded enemies.

Ragab is a frenetic game where you have to eliminate the enemies quickly and watch out for the dangers.

Team : 

Arthur Biver - Graphic artist

Abel Poitvin - Game designer/Level designer/Sound designer

Manon Cabal - Graphic artist

Nam Mirbeau-baudin - Developer

Nielisson Mendonça da Silva - Graphic artist/Sound designer

Gaëtan Krol - Game designer/Level designer/Sound designer

About : 

We are a group of students based in Paris, France where we are studying game and level design. This particular game was a tribute to arcade games, that was theme imposed by the assignment. We took 3 days to develop it.

The game is downloadable below but you can also play by clicking here -> http://nam-mirbeau-baudin.com/index_Ragab.html (note that you need a controller to play, keyboard version is coming soon).

Enjoy !!

P.S. : By pressing the LB button of your controller, Ragab stops moving, so you can freely control his arm while you stay in place.


Ragab.exe 22 MB


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